Weiss & Company LLP is a growing full-service accounting firm. We have a well-established record of over a quarter century of expertise and excellence, spanning accounting, domestic and international tax compliance and planning, estate and trust services, forensic accounting, management advisory services, computer systems consulting services and accounting and bookkeeping services. We also have affiliated offices in London, Zurich, Gibraltar, Tel Aviv and other international business centers.

Our clients comprise the middle-market area of companies with revenues ranging up to $500 million, with a concentration in manufacturing, wholesaling, importing, exporting, real estate, internet sales and healthcare, as well as service sector businesses, including attorneys, physicians, insurance brokers and engineers.

Our in-house computer experts allow us to provide immediate assistance to clients with computer system and accounting software problems. In addition, we share close relationships with prestigious tax and business attorneys, in fact, some even share office space with us. This enhances our practice by providing our clients with sophisticated legal services and ready-access to attorneys who can pursue all types of legal matters, if such courses of action become necessary.


We prepare financial statement compilations, reviews and audits for businesses and individuals. We also compile forecasted financial statements. Financial statements aid in the achieving of strategic initiatives such as business expansions, mergers, sales and acquisitions. Professionally prepared financial statements are also essential when obtaining financing, dealing with creditors and reporting to investors.


We prepare income tax and information returns for the Internal Revenue Service, state and local taxing agencies. We also coordinate through affiliations with accountants and tax attorneys to ensure correct international filings. In today’s global economy, it is very difficult to track the rules and reporting requirements that govern investments. The increasing number of regulations and penalties can make the lack of tax compliance very costly.
In the event that a tax return is chosen to be audited by the Internal Revenue Service, state or local taxing authority, we have knowledgeable experts experienced in dealing with such audits and minimizing any additional tax imposed.
Even if an audit outcome is unfavorable, we are familiar with the appeals process and have successfully been able to reverse the findings on appeal. We also work with tax attorneys and can represent clients before Tax Court, if necessary, and have experience in settling cases before trial.
Furthermore, we are very familiar with the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) and the various options relating thereto. We have helped hundreds of clients come in full compliance with the law in the most efficient way, subject to each client’s distinct circumstances.


Our professionals possess much expertise in tax law, so that we can minimize our clients’ tax liabilities. We monitor tax law changes and proactively recommend tax-saving strategies based on each individual client’s situation in order to help them successfully and legally reduce their tax liability.
We provide planning and structuring to reduce taxes, including planning for mergers and acquisitions, financing, real estate, and other investments. In addition, we are very knowledgeable about international taxes and have access to the best teams of international business and tax advisors. This helps us provide the most efficient solutions for our domestic clients with operations overseas and our foreign clients with investments in the United States.
We help our clients plan for issues such as:

  • Passive foreign investment companies (PFIC)
  • Controlled foreign corporations (CFC)
  • Foreign investment in real property (FIRPTA)
  • Subpart F income
  • Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
  • Tax treaties
  • Profit repatriation
  • Foreign withholding
  • Tax efficient holding company locations
  • Income tax treaties
  • Transfer pricing


We, together with top estate and trust attorneys, assist our clients in their estate planning. This helps them reduce estate taxes, provide asset protection and allow for assets to be transferred accounts as to our client’s wishes. We can also coordinate this planning with halachic wills to ensure that a Beis Din will uphold the client’s wishes.


We offer support for attorneys in the areas of evaluation, litigation, matrimony, etc., as well as assisting clients before Jewish courts of law (Beth Din) and arbitration panels. We also prepare all the gift tax, estate tax, and trust tax returns.


We provide assistance and guidance in business management operations such as cash flow issues, succession planning, reorganization, and bankruptcy. We also perform business valuations and assist clients in business sales, acquisitions and mergers.


We can assist our clients with accounting and bookkeeping services to help small and mid-size businesses deal with the complexities of maintaining their financial reporting systems. We can also help them design, install, and implement computer systems or assist with their existing systems to prevent mistakes and allow them more time to run their business.


We employ information technology experts who can design, install, and implement computer systems or upgrade existing systems. This allows us to assist our clients by providing them with the computerized accounting systems most appropriate for them and if necessary customize programs based on their needs.